Quest Media Training helps you discover how to:

  • Dissect the angle of any interview and use it to your advantage
  • Take your message from your current platform, make relevant to the public and build influence on any topic
  • Speak on your toes yet never leave any important points out

Why Quest Media Training is different:

1. Your Media Trainer KNOWS Media

Quest CEO, Zakiya Larry, started her career as a reporter and news producer. She has worked in television, radio and print and has more than a decade of experience in communications and coaching. She is also an award-winning communications professional, PR manager and has coached spokespersons to appear on everything from a local community radio station to Oprah’s Next Chapter.

She gets it. She really does.

2. Insider Secrets

Zakiya Larry has been in news rooms from newspaper to radio to TV. She knows what’s being said in the meetings, how stories are chosen and what the reporters and producers are looking for. She also knows the #1 secret reporters keep from you when asking questions. She’s even used it herself when she was a journalist!

3. Extensive Research

Quest Media Training uses core tactics and custom techniques, but every client has different goals, strengths and challenges. Each presentation will be precisely tailored for you and/or your company.

Quest Media Training builds responses and a program around who ‘you’ are naturally, so that your answers flow seamlessly, and with authority. Extensive research is conducted to do just that.

4. Interactive Presentation Style

Lectures are boring. Practice makes perfect.
 Media training requires interaction. Though structured, your coach will spend plenty of time asking for feedback and participation and practice, both on and off-camera.


Quest Media Training specializes in teaching interview navigation strategies and polishing public images. 
Zakiya’s coaching philosophy is to identify and enhance the CORE of the person before making any changes. With 10 years of experience as communications professional and coach, she delivers a content-rich, compelling session to those looking to move from ‘here’ to ‘there’. Her custom techniques have been used by job seekers, people changing careers, business executives and faith leaders.